Sukshma yoga (yoga for beginners) :

Sukshma is a simple process in which the focus is rather on your body sensations according to your practice.

It is an easily accessible type of yoga for eveyone, open to any level or physical conditions through practicing simple postures and some breathing techniques. The physical movements are combined with breathing. You learn how to develop sensibility and understand the basic connection between physical and spiritual elements without any knowledge of yoga. Experiment your flexibility and level of balance through the flow of energy. 

This is a perfect course for beginners willing to have an accessible approach, while still fun and efficient.

Tuesday and Friday from 11am to 12:15pm, $6

Warrior yoga :

Our mind has to deal with the constant flow of thoughts and we have to face many challenges in our daily lives. How can we deal with all this? Warrior yoga is a more dynamic type of yoga which energizes both your body and mind, bringing a special attention to the eyes. It is a useful technic in order to activate our third eye and to use our spine alowing the energy to flow throughout our body. Therefore we feel much more aware and powerful. It is for people at an intermediate/ advanced level type in which both your balance and strength are key factors.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 11am to 12.30pm, $6

Guided meditation :

Meditation reveals the conscious mind – which we all possess – and helps to develop it to a level at which you are the master of your own mind.

It makes you strong in a way that is more valuable than physical strength. You discover joy, peace and dignity, and even the "warrior" in you.

You build your own freedom and once it is set up, nobody can crumble it down.


​This meditation class uses simple and easy to access breathing techniques and focuses on activating the 7 shakras through your body.​ 

​No matter where you are, during the process of meditation you create your own temple of love and consciousness around you.

Only Private Lessons.

Private class is $20 for one person + $5 per extra person when visiting our studio.

$30 for one person + $5 per extra person if you want it at your place or anywhere out of Studio.

Please contact us directly for availability.

Healing Session is on donation basis ( receiver can pay as per their wish)

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