Hello Everyone. Peacock Yoga Studio is happy to announce that we will be taking bookings for Private sessions of Yoga, Meditation & Healing.  Bookings are open NOW!!!!

NB: Our regular classes remain suspended for the time being.

Peacock Yoga Studio is located at Street No.17 near Miniature Replicas of Angkor's Temple, Siem Reap, in a quite & peaceful surrounding in a spacious semi wooden house.


Prasad, the Indian instructor, is a yoga practitioner with 25+ years of Practicing yoga & is teaching in Siem Reap for the last 8 years.

While he is still teaching a general Indian Traditional yoga at Peace Café (yoga weekly schedule at Peace Café here), he launched Peacock Yoga Studio with the ambition of focusing on more specific areas of his discipline.

His aim is also to give some keys to the complete beginners, helping them to understand what yoga is and how to practice it (see details of the courses here).

Ultimately, he will guide you through some complete meditation courses more specifically focusing on activating chakras points in order to release the energy flow into the body. 

The ultimate purpose of yoga is to unite ourselves with our deepest nature.

Yoga helps us to reinforce our presence and to develop a more conscious mindset.

It is an efficient technique to improve flexibility, increase stamina, and calm the mind.

It also helps a better connection with others by developing everyone’s compassion, intuition and sensitivity.

“The whole yoga is a methodology: how to uncover it which is so hidden, how to open the doors within yourself, how to enter the temple that you are, how to discover yourself.”


Apart from Yoga, Experience the power of  ENERGY HEALING.

Balance your emotions with an energy healing session. Allow yourself to let go and break free from past incidents that are holding you back.

A healing cleanse can  help if suffering from Sleep disturbances, help in Stress Relief, lighten your inner self and restore energy.

"The nature is an abundant source of power, energy, healing and love. One needs to open the inner doors and windows of the mind for them to flow in."



Warrior Yoga : 11am

Warrior Yoga : 11am

Sukshma Yoga : 11am



Warrior Yoga : 11am



Warrior Yoga : 11am

Sukshma Yoga : 11am


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